Relax... We Provide Inexpensive,

In-Home Computer Training!





Our Mission:

To Support
The Beginner

Computer User

We will always be
respectful and patient.





We Make House Calls







Our seasoned 50 year old plus instructors
have the patience to teach you how to:


  • Relieve the fear of using a computer.
  • Set up your personal computer settings.
  • Set up your personal E-Mail address.
  • Send and receive E-Mail.
  • Get to know search engines like GOOGLE.
  • Explore the internet for information.
  • Easily get to your favorite web sites.
  • Receive and send your photos.
  • Use a printer with your computer.
  • We offer guidance in regard to computer issues.
  • Workplace Basic Microsoft Office Training.











Paul and Mary D. say...
"It's wonderful to finally understand how the internet works and how to send and receive e-mail.
We can't believe we can print our grand kids' photos here at home!
It wasn't nearly as difficult as we thought. We appreciate the patience shown by our instructor.
We recommend these services to all of our friends."

This training opens a world of information at your fingertips!

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